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Community Rules

by Benson » Mon Jan 11, 2016 8:00 pm

1. Global Forum Rules
  • 1.1. No flaming or intentional abuse.
    1.2. No purposefully derailing topics
    1.3. If mature content is present (15+). Label thread title with "NSFW", (Not Safe For Work), link instead of image tagging
    1.4. No purposely necro bumping super old threads, unless you're adding content to the topic
    1.5. Do not backseat moderate
    1.6. When quoting a post with an image, please remove the image in the quoted section.
    1.7. Use descriptive thread titles
    1.8. No advertising of any sort
    1.9. No ban evading
    1.10. If a user cannot see a section - it's for a reason. Don't share content from private subforums to those without access to said subforum.
    1.11. Do not stretch the shoutbox or regular forum with excess characters or pictures
    1.12. Do not spam (this includes the shoutbox)
    1.13. Remain on topic - if your post is something that could be said via PM, reconsider posting.
    1.14. Individual sub-forum's rules threads (if they exist) may override any/all of the rules contained herein.
    1.15. One word posts, or no-content posts are disallowed. This includes just quoting a post. (unless that is the point of the thread)
    1.16. Shocking content, misleading content, and gore are all disallowed (misleading meaning stuff like links to screamers or whatever else)
    1.17. Do not quote posts that have been deleted
    1.18. Discussions are restricted to English language only, unless the point of the thread is other languages, or similar.
    1.19. When linking something, ensure you provide a short description of what the link leads to (this applies to posts, shouts, and statuses)
    1.20. Avoid double-posting unnecessarily
    1.21. Do not discuss Warez / other illegal activities
    1.22. When using @ to mention a user, ensure it's for topical purposes, and not used excessively.
    1.23. Registering under fake/temporary email addresses is not permitted.
    1.24. Abusive/trolling comments towards posts regarding any of our sponsors or partners are NOT permitted.
    1.25. Quote trains are not allowed. A quote train is considered any quote with more than 2 quotes inside. Please edit out the rest before posting to avoid punishment.
    1.26. Do not direct malicious forms of racism, sexism or general bigotry towards other members.
2. Spam Subforum
  • 2.1. This section is for birthday threads, resignations, forum games, and other postcount-boosting type threads
    2.2. Thread are still required to have a topic
    2.3. Meaningless letters, numbers or phrase spam will be deleted, and penalised
    2.4. Global forum rules still apply here
3. Admin/Moderator/Whatever Applications
  • 3.1. This is not for voting. You may give your opinion, if it follows the guidelines below
    3.2. The point of unlocked applications are to gauge community attitude to a player, or give constructive criticism. Nothing else.
    3.3. Acknowledge that the decision to accept an application is solely the providence of the staff.
    3.4. "+1" is only to be used when your opinion is in doubt
    3.5. Constructive criticism only.
    3.6. Do not argue or comment about the opinions of other posters. It is up to the staff to decide the credibility and plausibility of their posts, not you.
  • If in doubt, see Sect. 7.0. for a guide on how to reply
4. Unban / Ban Requests
  • 4.1. Post only if:
    • 4.1a. You were there, and you can back one of the people's stories up
      4.1b. You can offer additional information (sourcebans, eye witness account, etc.)
      4.1c. You are the banning admin
      4.1d. You are higher than the banning admin, and are over-ruling them
    4.2. Unban/Bans are to establish guilt, not admin misconduct. Create a separate thread for that.
    Note: The above (except 4.2) do not apply to the creator of the thread
    4.3. Don't ask/link people to your application for responses.
5. Donor Sections
  • 5.1. Your threads do require a topic
    5.2. Do not share content from the donor section with non-donors - including the existence of any subforums.
6. Reporting System
  • 6.1. Please use the reporting system to report questionable content. It makes us see it faster, and is better to contact a mod on, rather than Steam or PM
    6.2. Do not report things stupidly, or spam reports
    6.3. Be objective with reports, and say which rule you think the content is breaking
    6.4. Give as much information as you can
    6.5. If in doubt - report
    6.6. Warnings are in affect, and will be applied for rule breaking.
    6.7. There is no appeal process for a forum ban.
    6.8. When you are warned, you will receive a PM from the warning moderator
    6.9. If one of your posts only contains some questionable / rule breaking content, then it will be edited out, with the edit reason as the rule number (e.g. 6.13.)
    6.10. Edited posts cannot be restored to their original form.
7. Posting guide for Admin Applications
  • 7.1. Example of a good positive post:
    "You have followed the rules implicitly whenever I've seen you, and you help people whenever possible. I think you'd make a great admin if you keep trying to maximize these qualities"
    7.2. Example of a bad positive post:
    "u smell and ur bad na jks ur good lol. +1 +1 +1"
    7.3. Example of a valid "+1" post:
    "You've had a rocky past, and been banned many times, but I've also seen you helping out people with constucting castles out of lego, and you've tried to be friendly - but still slip up occasionally. I don't know if you'd make the best admin, but... +1."
    7.4. Example of a good negative admin app comment:
    "You've abused in the past, as evidence of , , and , you've shown that you're immature time and time again, you're a massive troll, and you've been banned 40 times. To get admin, I really think you're going to have to redeem yourself, straighten up, start giving helpful advice on the servers, and contribute to the community (maps, skins, graphic designs, etc.) You need to settle your dispute with Ayylmao or else I don't see a bright future for you."
    7.5. Example of a bad negative admin app comment:
    "I hate you you always call me 12 and you're a meanie, hope you never get admin."
    7.6. It's obvious that the ones that are given as bad examples have lacking punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc. While it's not a rule to attempt to make your posts legible, it is highly encouraged, especially in an official thread such as admin apps, unban and ban threads. This is because if people have difficulty reading your posts, it's far harder to convey a point - and making a fully correct post makes it appear that you've put lots of effort into your post, as opposed to taking 3 seconds to spew all over your keyboard in word form. You'll be taken far more seriously if you can convey your points eloquently.
8. Shoutbox
  • 8.1. Be polite
    8.2. No flaming, trolling or harassment.*
    8.3. No linking NSFW content
    8.4. No spamming
    8.5. No intentionally breaking the Shoutbox
    8.6. If any of the above shoutbox rules are broken, we reserve the right to ban you from the forum and/or the shoutbox itself at the Moderation Team's discretion.
    8.7. There is no appeal process for a Shoutbox ban, though you will be notified of it.

9. Word Filtering
  • 9.1. Any words filtered out/blocked are blocked for a reason, do not spam them nor use them.
    9.2. No trying to work around the filters. Moderators will know what you're trying to say and will be punished for doing so.

Please note:
  • - These rules are subject to change without prior notification, and are applicable from date of last post edit.
    - If you require clarification on a rule, PM me.
    - These rules are also applicable to ALL of our servers, including TeamSpeak.

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